Monday, March 30, 2009

An imagined conversation.

Rick Wagoner, CEO of GM: Hello?
Barack Obama, POTUS: Hello, Rick, this is Barack Obama.
RW: Yes, Mr. President! How are you?
POTUS: Well, Rick, not so good, actually.
RW: Really, Mr. President? Why?
POTUS: Well, Rick -- I'm sorry it's come down to this.
RW: Uh oh...
POTUS: Yup, I'm sorry, Rick. We, as an organization, have decided to move in a different direction...
RW: Yes?
POTUS (hurried): So, we're going to have to let you go.
RW: Well, I think we all knew it was going to happen sometime...
POTUS: But I'm sure that you'll receive a nice severance package. We've worked it out -- 2 weeks pay for every year you've worked at GM, so... that makes it somewhere around $500,000. Hey -- that's not too bad...
RW: Well, I guess I'm not buying that cottage in Maine this summer.
POTUS: Well, no, probably not. Well, Rick, you're a nice guy and I'm sure you can get a job somewhere.
RW: Uh, thanks, Mr. President. I think I'll take a couple of months off, you know, hang out with the kids, breathe a little bit.
POTUS: Hey, Rick?
RW: Yeah?
POTUS: How does it feel to have destroyed 90% of shareholder value in ten years?
RW: (silence)
POTUS: Well, Rick -- there will be a couple of guys to uh, help you pack up in a couple of hours... do leave the keys to the executive washroom in the center drawer of your desk, okay?
RW: (silence)
POTUS: Good luck -- I gotta go talk to Geithner -- that scamp, he's always in deep.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why the heck not?

From an article in the Politico about Obama's PR troubles:
But the aide added that Obama is not going to whip out a PowerPoint presentation for a seminarlike explanation of what went wrong. “That’s not how this president communicates,” the aide said.
Why the heck not? Frankly, that's how information-dense summaries get presented in the real world. Is there something undignified and unpresidential about PP? Sure, it's clunky and maybe uncool (use KeyNote? avoid those stupid swishing sounds ?)

President Obama, the American people (or at least the voting public) aren't stupid. Try us.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Enough Politics!

I will break the trend of political banter with a disturbing/hilarious story of an Indiana woman who doesn't know that dropping a file in the recycling bin doesn't permanently delete it!

Also, if anyone wants to hear Bill-O read excerpts from his gripping mystery novel, Those Who Trespass, just click the link.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama: Future Rating.

Bush approval history.

Obama approval history, not really a history....

Assuming the economy turns around Obama may keep his high numbers, but my guess is he like Bush will slide over the next 8 years.

My prediction is he will fall to 38% by the end of his term. This economy isn't going to help him.

Your thoughts?

Monday, March 9, 2009

When will it END?

So we're 15-months into a recession... My question to everyone is when do you think we will emerge from this "crisis" (Two straight quarters of GDP growth) and which industry is going to be the leader in the recovery? I will post my thoughts tomorrow.

Oh Snap...(no not synaptosome-associated protein)

This Order is an important step in advancing the cause of science in America. But let’s be clear: promoting science isn’t just about providing resources – it is also about protecting free and open inquiry. It is about letting scientists like those here today do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it’s inconvenient – especially when it’s inconvenient. It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda – and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

pl pll pir pscale ppf page

As a part of my new job, we (some of my colleagues and I) were sent over to the University of Illinois to train on their NMRs as backup instruments. You all will be pleased to know that we were asked to 1) describe the effect of line-broadening on signal-to-noise ratios, 2) talk about resolution, 3) perform a simulated homodecoupling experiment and 4) discuss d1 time as it related to finding the 13C frequency of quaternary carbons.*

They also do their own shimming, which is something I haven't done in 2 years. All Varian instruments, as opposed to the Bruker robotland that was my previous place of employment.

* I still remember Conrad's mini-lecture on d1 time clear as day.