Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin Insurance

So Sarah Palin gave a speech last night -- apparently it was quite campaign-oriented. I'm thinking of offering liberals Palin insurance that would pay out in the unlikely event that she would actually win the Presidency.

It should be like ten bucks a year, and pay out like, I dunno, 100 or 200 dollars. Palin's enough of a bogey-woman that I think I could make a pretty penny on this (or lose my shirt.)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ridiculous Item of the Day: $3.72 Trillion (Obama's 2010 Budget)

This critism is not directed solely at Obama as I would expect any sitting Republican President in the current situation to sadly also submit an overly inflated budget (Bush did a good job of this). Now all of this is just a proposal as Congress (Heaven help us!) has control of the purse strings. I guess right now would be a good time to invest in companies that make printing equipment, since Ben may have to build some new mints to keep up.

My point is unless our friends in Washington finally get their heads out of the sand and propose real cuts and not freezing decretionary spending while in the same breath proposing a new $100 billion plan for job growth, we are in for some real pain in the coming years (think early 1980s: high unemployment coupled with double digit interest rates). I guess thanks to the healthcare bill (which will pass at some point) more of the unemployed will have health issurance.

It could be a very interesting mid-term election!