Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beyond Palin: Assessing the Rest of the GOP Presidential Field

Time magazine looks into republican nominees for 2012 Beyond Palin: Assessing the Rest of the GOP Presidential Field . I'm fairly certain that Palin will not be on the ticket in 2012; her 15 minutes of fame were up 3 hours ago and now I wish she had been beheaded instead of that innocent turkey. Also, I think anyone with close religious ties doesn't have a shot in hell to make the ticket as the republican nominee, thereby eliminating my guy Mitt and Huckabee as well as various others. While I would wholeheartedly support a ticket that places Conde as the republican nominee (not mentioned in the article), I still believe that neither the Republican party nor the United States as a whole are ready for a woman president. Any woman that runs in the next 20 years is going to join the ranks with Hillary as another sacrificial lamb. Rice knows this and so does any politically minded woman who is a "serious human being." Jeb Bush is out...his brother took care of that one. Some of the other potential republican candidates may have a shot, but I don't think this article is all that serious. I think Time is throwing out names to test the waters. While most of you are vying for four more years of Obama, it doesn't hurt to think in the abstract. So, does anyone out there have any names they want to throw in the pot??? Perhaps, (even though I don't think Obama is going to run in 2012) you would like to see Obama (or whomever else is the democratic presidential candidate) debate? In other words, who are your ideal candidates for 2012?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Education Watch: even more crow-eating on the part of Jim

Well, one out of three ain't bad:

The largest union’s meeting opened here on Saturday to a drumbeat of heated rhetoric, with several speakers calling for Mr. Duncan’s resignation, hooting delegates voting for a resolution criticizing federal programs for “undermining public education,” and the union’s president summing up 18 months of Obama education policies by saying, “This is not the change I hoped for.”

“Today our members face the most anti-educator, anti-union, anti-student environment I have ever experienced,” Dennis Van Roekel, president of the union, the National Education Association, told thousands of members gathered at the convention center here.