Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week 1

Let the good times roll, Here is the schedule for Week 1. Also, please note that your comments are viewable by all, this means we don't have the old secretive picks. I'm not going to mess with that part too much, if you don't want people to know, post closer to kickoff. Bring it!

Thursday - 9/6
New Orleans at Indianapolis

Sunday - 9/9
Philadelphia at Green Bay
Atlanta at Minnesota
Miami at Washington
New England at New York Jets
Tennessee at Jacksonville
Denver at Buffalo
Pittsburg at Cleveland
Carolina at St. Louis
Kansas City at Houston
Tampa Bay at Seattle
Chicago at San Diego
Detroit at Oakland
New York Giants at Dallas

Monday - 9/10
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Arizona at San Francisco

Moving to the late 20th century...

Greetings group, as we disperse across the country (or corn fields) i figure its worth a little high tech attempt at the weekly football picks. So, here is the plan, Pick are due in before the kickoff of the first game each week, I will list the games as a post, you comment back with your scores, I'll (possibly) tabulate them in such a way that its easy to brag when you come within 3 points of the real score. If you don't know how to comment on a blog, let me know and to quote Tommy Boy, "I'll come back and hit you with a tack hammer, because you are a retard."

The Rules...
1) All picks in before the first kickoff of the weekend. Want to change your picks? feel free to leave them in a new comment, comments are time-stamped, i'll take them up till the first kick, after that the comments for that week will be solely for smack-talking.
*EDIT* - Phone submissions will also be accepted, just in case you are stranded on a remote island on your honeymoon and can't find internet access, but do have cell phone access, and your new bride isnt awake yet to scold you for calling in your picks on her phone. ITs probably more common than I think... The 357 Lab Phone is the only phone that will be checked for scores.
2) Points will be awarded according to Rules 3-5
3) You must have picked the winning team
4) Your score will be subtracted from the actual score for each team, the sum of the differences will then be added to determine your degree of wrongness.
5) The person with the smallest degree of wrongness gets the point, points will be subdivided as far as needed to avoid ridiculous tiebreakers.
6) Each Tuesday I will post an updated standings, including any interesting statistics.

So what do you think? You have until Wednesday the 6th to suggest rule changes, start the commenting.